Navis Pack and Ship

Navis Pack and Ship is a local Lee County Business that picks-up, packs, ships and insures items for residents and businesses. They do the one’s and two’s that movers don’t want (due to minimums) but also do the larger items that a UPS or parcel store can’t handle. There are have sister locations nationally to help “white glove” deliveries to people’s homes in the north, and ship internationally so they are a great fit for all of the residents of Southwest Florida.

What is your primary product or service?

Packing and shipping.

What do you think makes Lee County a special place to do business?

The sunshine, warmth, palm trees and location near the sea brings an economy of people in good spirits. Everyone is happy to be here and the expanding economy and growth makes it very exciting for all of us in the small business community.

Why did you choose to start a business in Lee County?

Our family has a history of visiting Fort Myers Beach over the last 30 years for spring break. We had an opportunity to open this location and we jumped at the chance to relocate here from Wisconsin.

Who is your target market/audience?

Both business and residences. People need to get items moved to their family members or other and we easily help make that happen.

What are your favorite parts of living in Lee County?

We recently discovered Fort Myers newly streetscaped area and we are very impressed with the cleanliness, architecture, restaurants and bars. The music festival held on the third Friday of every month really should be discovered by everyone.  The city blocks off the streets for pedestrians and the energy is absolutely fabulous!

What is your perfect 24 hours in Lee County? What would you do?

Izzy’s restaurant for seafood in downtown Fort Myers, touring the Edison and Ford Museums and stopping in The Mermaid for a drink at the North end of Fort Myers Beach.

In your opinion, what makes Lee County’s business community special?

It’s a great atmosphere for where people want to do business with the locals it seems. We are on the end of a peninsula and not every national service company travels this far south.  The County’s Economic Development Department is very helpful in helping guide a small business such as ours as well.

What is the biggest benefit to locating your business here?

The area is transient – people are coming and going and they need to have their items shipped for them. We also cater to the art community and there is a lot of artwork here that needs to be shipped, etc.

Why do you stay in Lee County?

There’s no better place to be!

Anything else to add?

It is absolutely fascinating being in SW Florida. It seems as if most people are transplants like ourselves.  It’s great to be immersed with others from other states and countries.  We know Wisconsin well – perhaps too well!  It’s time to meet with others and hear their stories and histories accordingly.





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