Lee County Ranks in Top Five for Talent Attraction

Economicmodeling.com’s (Emsi) third annual Talent Attraction Scorecard explores how well small and large counties are attracting and developing skilled workers and Lee County ranks among their big leaders.

For 2018, overall Lee County ranked #5 with an Index Score of 24.88 and with the third largest attraction of more net residents in 2015-16.  Seventeen of the top 50 counties are in Florida and Lee County leads the State.

Counties are ranked using Emsi’s Talent Attraction Index based on drawing new residents, growing jobs and skilled workers, attracting young talent and increasing educational attainment.

According to the study, Lee County is a leader in drawing new residents, growing jobs and skilled workers attracting young talent and increasing educational attainment. Lee County is also seeing strong workforce growth in the Generation Z, millennials, Generation X and boomer generations.

The three elements to successful workforce development – developing, attracting, and retaining skilled talent – require short- and long-term thinking among community partners. Workforce development is a dynamic, complex process that takes constant fine-tuning. It requires leaders in economic development, K–12 and higher education, the local business community, and, of course, workforce boards to be on the same page. And it needs to be integrated with strategies for housing, infrastructure, and other policies.

To help navigate this, Emsi developed a six-phase talent pipeline roadmap that includes information on talent attraction, transferable skills, technical and certificate programs, advanced skill sets, information gap and starting early.  

Emsi is the industry leader in labor market data and expert analysis to professionals in economic development, workforce development, higher education, commercial real estate and talent acquisition.

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