Lee County Best in US for Net Employment Outlook

 Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FL MSA employers expect to hire at a robust pace during Quarter 1 2018, according to the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey. Among survey participants, the Fort Myers area employment outlook is the best in the nation.

Among employers surveyed, 34 percent plan to hire more employees from October to December. This number is offset by the 3 percent that plan to reduce payrolls, while 59 percent of employers expect to maintain current staff levels and 4 percent indicate they are not sure of their hiring plans. This yields a Net Employment Outlook of 31%.

More than 11,500 interviews were conducted with employers within the United States, including all 50 states, the top 100 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, to measure hiring intentions in the first quarter of 2018. The mix of industries within the survey follows the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) super sectors and is structured to be representative of the U.S. economy

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