Forbes Names Cape Coral-Fort Myers Best Metro Area for Future Job Growth

The Cape Coral-Fort Myers metro area is projected to have the fastest job growth of any metro area over the next five years at 3.9% compared to 1.4% for the entire U.S.

Florida is projected to have the second-best job growth over the next five years at 2.3% annually. The Sunshine State should also have gross state product growth (top forecast in the U.S.) and income growth (fourth best) during that time. Like Nevada, much of the expected job gains revolve around hospitality, construction and real estate.

“The structural advantages that Florida enjoys—low costs of living and doing business, warm climate, and leisure time amenities like beaches and attractions like Disney World in Orlando—will propel the above-average gains,” says Edward Friedman, an economist who tracks Florida for Moody’s Analytics.

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