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Starting a business requires a lot of research and you need reliable data to make informed decisions. Scroll down to find economic indicators like tax rates as well as housing prices, demographic information, and median income information. By the time you get to the end of the page, you should have enough information to understand the overall makeup of Lee County.


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Quick Facts

Population 760,981


Median Age 47.8

Median Age

National State Economy Ranking (CNBC 2016) #4

National State Economy Ranking (CNBC 2016)

Median Household Income $76,238

Median Household Income

Labor Force (2016) ↑ 17.1%

Labor Force (2016)

Employment (2016) ↑ 26%

Employment (2016)

Unemployment Rate (June 2017) 4.2%

Unemployment Rate (June 2017)

Workers in Lee County 331,666

Workers in Lee County



Major Employers

11,800 Lee health
2,597 Lee County Bocc
1,426 Chicos Fas
1,253 Florida Gulf Coast University
1,152 Gartner
1,011 Shell Point Retirement Community
948 Florida SouthWestern State College
713 Hertz

Economic Indicators


Corporate Income Tax


State Income Tax


Cost of living index

Permit Report

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Industry Talent Breakdown

Health Care & Social Science 25,585

Health Care & Social Science

Construction 25,438


Administrative & Waste Services 16,772

Administrative & Waste Services

Wholesale trade 6,714

Wholesale trade

Arts, Entertainment & recreation 6,462

Arts, Entertainment & recreation

Finance and insurance 5,877

Finance and insurance

Manufacturing 5,711


Professional & technical services 1,281

Professional & technical services

Income Distribution



Households (Census, 2015)


Lee County Median Home Price (2016)


Owner-occupied Housing Units Rate (Census, 2015)


Renter-occupied Housing Units Rate (Census, 2015)


121 Schools in lee County

8 higher education and vocational schools

5310 Degrees awarded in 2016

35.2% Lee County Residents

A.S. or Higher Degree


262 Sunny days

Inches of Snowfall 0"

Inches of Snowfall

Average High Temperature 75°

Average High Temperature

Average Low Temperature 54°

Average Low Temperature

Average Precipitation 56"

Average Precipitation

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