D3 Creative Studio

Founded in 2013, D3 Creative Studio is an award-winning architectural visualization firm located at 1625 Hendry Street in Fort Myers, FL. The company specializes in providing architectural renderings, animated and interactive 3D projects as well as 2D and 3D illustrations for a wide range of clients nationally and internationally. In 2015, the company launched Inspir3d, an app that brings 2D renderings to life using augmented reality.

We spoke with Founder and CEO, Anthony DeBono III to learn more about his company.

Why did you choose Lee County?

I grew up in Lee County and love this community. I chose downtown Fort Myers because it has an urban feel similar to other major technology hubs but with a drastically lower cost of living. Couple that with a highly desirable quality of living, It only made sense to put down my roots, raise my family and start my business here. We are positioning d3 to have a local footprint with a global reach, attracting some of the best talent in the industry and bringing them to Southwest Florida. 

What is your Secret to Success?

I believe these simple rules have led me to my success.

  1. Always be open to trying new things and exploring options.
  2. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile, and treat every project with the same level of detail and passion regardless of size or scope.
  3. Become a lifelong learner
  4. Be persistent, patient and never give up.
  5. Be community minded.

L​ittle Known Fact?

I hold a private pilot’s license and can land a plane with no difficulty but have managed to crash two drones. 

What Differentiates Us:

 We are laser focused on producing the absolute best product and services while staying plugged into the latest trends that will unlock our next major leap forward. 

For example, two years ago, we started developing Inspir3d, our augmented reality app. We wanted to offer our clients something nobody else could provide so we developed an app which brings 2 dimensional floor plans to life. It recognizes the drawings or floor plans when you hover your tablet or Smartphone over the top of them and then renders a 3D representation of the exterior and interior of the home on the screen.  


Any Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Set a big goal and then take small steps to get there. Keep one foot in front of the other and remember that things don’t happen overnight.  Things are scary, exciting, rewarding and challenging…it’s not for everyone but if the thought of controlled chaos gets you excited then jump in with both feet. Find people that share your passion and work ethic, I have the best team ever!   

To learn more about d3 Creative Studio visit www.d3creativestudio.com

Learn about the Inspir3d app: www.getinspir3d.com

1625 Hendry St #202 Fort Myers, FL 33901

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