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Employment Environment

Lee County, Florida has become the coastal hub for business growth and talented workers. The region boasts a highly-proficient and educated workforce with a “can-do” attitude, tax incentives and overall pro-business climate. Quality workers and top-notch businesses choose Lee County for the ultimate work-life balance.

Workforce Growth

With Florida as a right-to-work state and a regional labor force with access to quality education and training resources, Lee County consistently ranks as one of the nation’s job growth leaders. Major local industries include advanced manufacturing, professional services, corporate headquarters and IT.

In the coming decade, area industries are projected to experience a significant boost in job creation. Some of the prominent industries on the rise include support activities for agriculture and forestry, construction and real estate development, water transportation, data processing and hosting, education services and healthcare.

Additionally, Lee County is home to one of the fastest-growing populations in the nation. Research projects a nine percent increase in Southwest Florida’s 25 to 54 age group by 2020, compared to four percent across the state of Florida. Lee County’s population is expected to grow at an average of 1.8 percent per year.

To learn more about Lee County’s key industry sectors, please visit the Target Industries page.

Education and Workforce Training

“The quality of the employment candidates has far exceeded our expectation here.  We can get good people here.” – Richard Broome, Executive Vice President, Hertz

An educated workforce is the foundation of a thriving economy. Not only does Lee County, Florida, attract talented workers from all over the world, the region also offers a robust educational system and resources for growing tomorrow’s business leaders.


Lee County offers a wide range of educational opportunities for workers and businesses to stay competitive in their industries. Lee County is home to:

  • 10 four-year public and private colleges and universities
  • A broad spectrum of undergraduate programs

To learn more about our region’s strong educational environment, please visit the Education page.

Workforce Development Resources

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