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Forbes ranks Cape Coral-Fort Myers as #1 Fastest Growing City in 2017

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Forbes ranks Cape Coral-Fort Myers as #1 Fastest Growing City in 2017

By every metric that counts, Cape Coral and the surrounding towns are enjoying among the swiftest growth rates in the country. This expansion earns the Cape Coral-Fort Myers metropolitan area the top spot on Forbes’ 2017 list of America’s fastest-growing cities.

People–retirees especially–are being drawn to the area by sunshine (335 days a year), safety (the city consistently has among the lowest crime rates in Florida) and low taxes (no state income tax and the city has been lowering property taxes).
The metro area’s population of 702,000 grew 3.39% in 2016, more than any other major metro in the country. This year Moody’s Analytics–Forbes’ data provider for this list–expects the population of the Cape Coral-Fort Myers area to expand even faster–3.61%. Moody’s also projects that it will have the highest rates of employment growth (3.83%) and output growth (6.82%) this year thanks to expanding hospitality and housing markets.

Florida dominates Forbes’ list with nine of the 25 fastest-growing cities, more than any other state, including six of the top 10. Meanwhile, cities from other areas of the South and the West Coast make up most of the rest of the list.


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  1. Edward Gardner February 21, 2017 at 8:25 pm - Reply

    Friends, Most everyone is excited about the growth in the area. Not us. We came to an excellent, not overrun, congested community, about 11 years ago. During today’s high-season, we’re in the midst of extreme high traffic, a marginal infrastructure, and unfortunately a local government aimed at increasing businesses. What a shame. What are your thoughts?

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